Student Leadership

Energy Club

At the beginning of the each school year, our Gr. 6 students decide if they would like to form an Energy Club. The A. L. Horton Energy Club plans events and monthly spirit days with staff assistance throughout the year for the entire school to participate in.

Geography Challenge

The Geography Challenge continues to build interest in geography among young Canadians by allowing them to test their knowledge in friendly competition. Besides being fun and educational,  the Geography Challenge is a terrific opportunity for students to shine in the spotlight!  At A. L. Horton, students in grades 4-6 participate in classroom level activities which lead to a final competition where a school champion is determined.

Running Room Games

The Running Room Games is a community athletics (track and field) event that allows children from grades three through six the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition -- against themselves and each other. Track events for girls and boys include 200m and 800m individual events as well as 8 x 200m relay events. Interested students have the opportunity to train and travel to Edmonton to compete.

Milk Monitors

Students in Gr. 5 are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by assisting with the milk program.  Students deliver milk to the classrooms and assist with record keeping.  Students in the LINKS classroom are responsible for preparing the daily milk deliveries.

Office Helpers

Grade 6 students volunteer to serve as office helpers on a rotational basis.  Students have the opportunity to exhibit responsible school citizenship by volunteering in this capacity.

Positive Playgrounds

Positive Playgrounds is a program that encourages leadership and involvement by having Grade 4 volunteers assist our students in Grades 1 and 2 organize and participate in a variety of interesting and fun activities during the lunch recess breaks.

Speaking in Class

Speaking in Class is a program for Gr. 4-6 students that is designed to give students the experience of speaking in front of a large audience.  Students prepare and present speeches within the classroom setting and have the opportunity to participate in grade level competition at a special school assembly.