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Surveys, Events, Safety, and Reminders

Global events have us thinking of staff, students, families, and community members with friends and family in Ukraine. After a week-long focus on kindness, standing up to bullies, and lifting each other up, we are left feeling a bit defeated and helpless. Yet here in our school community this morning we saw hugs for those with heavy hearts, help being given in every hallway and classroom, and many smiles and gratitude for our freedoms and privileges. 

Thank you to families for taking part in Parent/Teacher Interviews this week. We enjoyed talking with you about your child’s progress so far this year. Many great topics came up - from assessments and curriculum to friendships and critical thinking.

Many thanks to Mrs. Axten and Mrs. Davis for the smell and taste of hot dogs in the school on Wednesday this week. Yum! And thank you to Mrs. Bay who adds in a plus one hot dog to every class order so teachers can surprise different children with a lunch addition each week!

REMINDER: March Hot Lunch Orders are due Friday, February 25

The Hybrid Book Fair is doing well. Students are finding favourite series, authors, and “good fit” books to enjoy during the Readathon.

Speaking of the Readathon, students can read each day from February 18 - March 11 while collecting pledges in support of playground replacements. 

  • Pledge forms and funds collected can be returned to school whenever families are done collecting pledges. 
  • Reading Minutes pages can stay at home until the Readathon ends. These can be returned on March 14 & 15 to be entered in a draw for prizes.

Have you weighed in on social media to answer the question: What are YOU reading right now? Post your answer in words or with a photo on Facebook and/or Twitter along with “#ALHreads” and you’ll be entered into a weekly draw for a prize from A.L. Horton staff! 



Join us at this month’s School Council and Fundraising Society meetings to talk about school fees, new curriculum, playground replacement fundraisers, and more.


Once again, Alberta Education is surveying teachers, students and families through its annual Alberta Education Assurance (AEA) Survey. The survey acts as a check-up on the province’s education system. Every year, Alberta Education conducts the survey to gather information about the quality of education provided by Alberta schools and school authorities. The survey looks at various measures such as education quality, citizenship, family involvement, engagement levels, school climate and student wellness.

During March, Grade 4 students and teachers at A.L. Horton School are completing the survey online. Student participation is voluntary and completely anonymous. Students are assigned a random username and password to ensure survey responses aren’t linked to any individual student. The survey doesn’t take long to complete and is done within the school day during regular class time.

Additionally, parents and guardians of students in Grades 4, 7 and 10 are also asked to take a survey, either online or by mail. Alberta Education will send families information about the survey directly. As with the student and teacher survey, it’s anonymous and asks questions about your school experiences. If you have a child in Grades 4, 7 or 10, we encourage you to participate. The survey deadline is March 25, 2022.

Results from the AEA Survey are provided to Elk Island Public Schools each spring. The Division then uses the data to inform its four-year education plan, school education plans and strategies for continuous improvement. Each fall, the results are also shared with EIPS families and school communities in the Division’s Annual Education Results Report.

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A.L. Horton Elementary’s School Education Plan 2021-2022 - Year 4



RCMP continue their loop on our busy streets during morning drop-off, reminding parents and guardians to exercise caution in the school zone. Here are some important reminders for drivers:

  • Proceed slowly through all streets near the school. 
    • The morning sun can be blinding and some parents and children continue to dart out across the street between cars and buses in the morning, despite reminders to use the crosswalks at either end. 
  • Parking is NOT permitted in front of the school in the bus zone from 8 - 9 AM or anytime 2:30 - 3:30 PM. Please do not stop by the bus pylon markers nor anywhere in the bus zone. RCMP are ticketing vehicles who stop in this marked area.
  • Use street parking for dropping off children at Before School Care and school in the morning from 7:30 - 9 AM. We continue to have near misses with staff and students versus vehicles in the morning in the staff parking lot. 



Is there a preschooler in your life experiencing developmental delays or challenges with speech-language or motor-skill development—big or small? If so, Elk Island Public School’s Play And Learn at School (PALS) program could help.

Early learning lays the foundation for success in primary grades and beyond. As such, EIPS offers the pre-kindergarten PALS program in six of its elementary school locations—including A.L. Horton School. In fact, EIPS is now accepting applications for free speech-language assessments for those interested in registering in the PALS program this fall. The assessment helps determine if PALS is appropriate for your child.

If you know a preschooler, born in 2018 or 2019, who could benefit from pre-kindergarten programming or want to book an assessment, visit  or call 780-417-8219 to learn more.


Is your child turning five on or before Dec. 31, 2022? If so, it’s now time to register for Kindergarten. To register, simply complete the online registration form at 

To help families prepare, Elk Island Public Schools has put together an online EIPS Kindergarten Tool kit to make the transition as smooth as possible. The kit includes information on registration, important dates, programming options, what to expect, eligibility, how to find your designated school, transportation and more.

Additional information regarding A.L. Horton’s Kindergarten program is available at 

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