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Concert rehearsals, 50-50 draw, and Report Card Reminder


Hello working parents and grandparents!

If you are unable to join us for the Christmas Concert on December 14 in the evening, please know you’re invited to our dress rehearsals at the following dates and times:

Wednesday, December 13 - 10:30 AM for children with last names A-K

Wednesday, December 13 - 1 PM  for children with last names L-Z


Thursday, December 14 - 10:30 AM for children with last names A-K

Thursday, December 14 - 1 PM for children with last names L-Z

Ring the front doorbell at the school, check in at the office, and we’ll see you for home holiday music in the gym!



For everyone else, we will see you for the main Christmas Concerts on the evening of December 14:

5 PM for children with last names A-K  (doors* open at 4:45 PM)

6:15 PM for children with last names L-Z  (doors* open at 6 PM)

*There are three entrances into the school for the evening of the concert.

  • The Out of School Care area is an indoor gathering area for waiting. Doors will open a few moments prior to other entrance doors. 
  • The front lobby doors and the gym entrance doors will open at 4:45 and 6 PM.
  • Students performing will head to their classrooms and can store boots and coats in the classroom areas to avoid congestion at entrance doors and locker areas.

At the end of each concert…

  • Students will be picked up at their classroom. They cannot meet parents/guardians in the gym because teachers are unable to account for the whereabouts of students in the large gathering of people. 
  • First concert attendees are asked to leave at 5:30/5:45 via the Grade 4 entrance/stairwell doors. This will avoid the line ups gathering at the other entrance doors. 
  • Second concert attendees can leave via any of the exit doors. 

Front row seating is reserved, in large part and with signage, for School Council and Friends Society volunteers, as well as for a number of weekly volunteers. Thank you for your time and volunteerism and making our school a great place to be!

Some seating will also be reserved for wheelchairs, families needing a quick exit, the media, and special guests.



Since report cards were posted online on December 1, 65% of Grade 1-6 families have accessed the Parent Portal to read report cards. We are well on our way to having at least 80% of report cards read by December 15! 

There are no report cards for PALS, Kindergarten, nor LINKS 1 students posted online this term.



The Friends of A.L. Horton Elementary School Society’s 50-50 draw is now live and online with Raffle Box. Get your tickets for friends and family before they are sold out!

Also coming home today is our Playground Replacement Campaign flyer, shared most recently with the Rotary Club in Vegreville. On the back side is a QR code for easy access to the 50-50 tickets online. Point your cell phone camera at the QR code, click the link, and there you are!

Thank you to Gabe in grade six, Kali in grade 3, Principal Keri Busenius, and Friends President Erin Robert for speaking with the Rotarians this week.

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